I Am An Actor / A Toast by David Shrigley

7″ vinyl record with music by Alig Fodder, voice by Gavin Mitchell and words and artwork by David Shrigley, I Am An Actor / A Toast was published on the occasion of David Shrigley’s exhibition Big Shoes at the gallery BQ, Berlin in 2013. Edition of 500.


Folie Sacrée by Chicaloyoh

Published by Selter Press, this debut 12″ vinyl record by Normandy multi-instrumentalist Alice Dourlen is a mixture of bleak, sheer minimalism, sparse percussion underlining angular, interlocked guitar lines and organ drone sounds, which veer from the semi-devotional to needling, psych-ish runs. Edition of 500.


UU – No Ocean by Timothy George Kelly

Published by Doppell Edition, UU – No Ocean is a concept music album containing a CD with nine tracks and an artist booklet by videographer, film director, painter and photographer Timothy George Kelly. Edition of 50.


Do or Dangle by Sloppy Heads

A cassette tape resealed by Babes in Arms Records, an independent record label focused on a love of music and the support of personal and unique artistic expression.


Tracey Trance – Live by Tracey Trance

Another release from Babes in Arms Record is a cassette tape of keyboard noodlings by the irrepressible and endlessly imaginative Tracey Trance.


Maroon Bells by Kevin Greenspon

Kevin Greenspon effortlessly transforms gentle progressions of soothing guitar notes into a graceful choir of blurry tape collage. The six pieces on Maroon Bells are concise recollections of a very specific set of personal memories: those first times you had dreams of disappearing, seeing a city from the mountains, being dwarfed by the skeleton of a skyscraper, and the deafening railroad tracks that threaten the hope of sleeping to dream once again. Released by Bridgetown Records in an edition of 100.


Hands by Reighnbeau

Bryce Hample’s songwriting experiments as Reighnbeau have always approached traditional composition and arrangement from unconventional angles, producing music with a pure immediacy that feels familiar while escaping comparison. On Hands, Hample complements the hushed whisper of his trademark vocals with a blend of lush, organic instrumentation sealed off from the world within an electronic suit of glitchy, orchestral static. Glistening guitar chords swell like whalesongs and bend like wind whistling through trees while synthesized noise crunches in sync to the primal pound of drums. This edition of 125 pro-duplicated chrome cassettes was released by Bridgetown Records.


Remixed Water by Ned Sublette & Lawrence Weiner

Remixed Water brings together a tall Texan and a bearded artist from New York, with artists and musicians from Belfast, London, Glasgow and San Francisco. Published by Book Works, this CD is remixed from two of Ned Sublette & Lawrence Weiner’s collaborative albums, Monsters from the Deep (1997) and Ships at Sea, Sailors and Shoes (1993). Generously supported by Weiner and Sublette, eight tracks have been selected and reconfigured by invited contemporary artists and musicians, re-staging and manipulating Weiner’s lyrics within the musical genres of two-step, west coast laptop electronica, noisecore, math rock and hard house, to produce a Frankenstein’s monster of eclipsed origins. Remixers include: Bonnie Camplin, Steven Claydon, Erotic Ghosts of Vietnam, Filariahead, Luke Fowler & Daniel Padden, Sutekh, Tussle and Christopher Willits.


FEAT PURPL by Sun Foot

Sun Foot is a band and collaboration between Chris Johanson, Ron Burns and Brian Mumford, good music to listen to if you are interested in the sun and tired of negativity. For most of the songs on Feat PURPL they were joined also by Sam Coomes of Quasi aka PURPL. Released by Comfortable on a Tightrope and Good Press, this tape cassette comes with a hand-drawn insert by all involved. Edition of 80.


Sphynx Cats Nuzzle / Raw Mutations With A Mucous Rind by Simon Werner & Viktor Timofeev

Published by Casa de Amigos, this CD-R includes two tracks of experimental music and spoken word and comes in an Xbox 360 case with a black-and-white booklet of collaborative drawings and lyrics. Edition of 100.


Poltergeist by A Grave With No Name

Published by Boiled Egg, this 30-minute instrumental album and musical journey is made up of thirteen songs dictated by drum machine, guitar and samples. Consciously skipping through genres, from the nod to early Royal Trux on Horses Hexx to ambient piano drone inspired by William Basisnki’s shortwave radio pieces, the cassette tape written and recorded by Alexander Shields at his home between January and April 2013 using only hardware. It is both a love-letter to culture and exploration into the idea of self-liberation, making for a beautiful and captivating listen. Edition of 50.


Ecology Tapes Vol. One by Sim Hutchins & Klaar

The first Ecology Tapes release is a C60 cassette with music from Klaar & Sim Hutchins, cascading between lo-fi, disintegrated house jams, and hypnotic Eno-esque ambient works. Edition of 100.


Bathhouse by Cousins

After a pair of short but powerfully conceived cassettes packaged in handmade books, etched wooden boxes and wax-sealed envelopes, Cousins have broken free from Milwaukee’s frigid winter with a dense full-length spanning over an hour. These twelve songs capture a dark era, recorded over an 8-month period in a cryogenic reverb tank. Cousins have patiently crafted a unique brand of post-punk intensity, borrowing elements from hardcore, shoegaze, sludge and noise rock while never feeling like a trivial embodiment of any particular sonic aesthetic. Each song grapples with personal realizations in a tug-of-war between nostalgic dirges and youthful adrenaline. Bathhouse reads like a long lost diary with the emotional weight of a family heirloom recovered from years of obscurity in an attic or basement. All that’s left is to turn the key. Released by Bridgetown Records in an edition of 250.