Cassiopeia Silk Scarf (Man on a Chair) by Laetitia Rouget

Cassiopeia is a unique project that brought together young talents from a variety of creative and cultural backgrounds to adopt a new medium and create artworks for a one-of-a-kind, bespoke silk scarves.


Dreams & Failures by Adam Turnbull

In need of a little advice? Equally important, Dreams has the number for a New York-based 24-hour psychic and Failures has the number to a 24-hour legal advisor, as we all exist somewhere between one and the other. The set of pens was produced in an edition of 300 and comes hand packaged with a risograph printed insert.


The Rothko Socks by Arts & Clothes

Arts & Clothes produces clothing accessories based on iconic artists from the 20th century. It explores the myth of the artist by reconsidering processes of production, valuation, distribution and consumption of the art object. These socks are a replica of the pair the great American painter Mark Rothko was wearing at the time of his suicide. Such a tragic event affirms a palette of colours which characterise the artist’s profound existential preoccupations. One size.


Non-objective Bib by Arts & Clothes

In 1913 the artist Kazimir Malevich developed a visual abstract language that attempted to set up ‘a genuine world order, a new philosophy of life’. This bib bearing the black square, icon of Suprematism, suggests the promising beginnings of a new-born child. This piece was also produced by Barcelona-based collective Arts & Clothes, an initiative from Bernat Daviu, Enric Farres and one other who wishes to remain anonymous.


“I Just Bloody Love Ya” by Joe Joiner

Framed red metallic foil block poster (594 x 420 mm) from a poster series developed for a more informal way of showing you care.


Now is Just Right Now is Just Right Now is… by Egor Kraft

Now is Just Right Now is Just Right Now is… tape was produced in order to conceptually fill the exhibition space with the endless phrase, that ascertains the fact of the endless flow of time. So that reading of it becomes a mantra, an attempt to experience the present.


Menq Enq Mer Sarere Deluxe Edition by Orpheus Standing Alone

The second issue of Orpheus Standing Alone, Menq Enq Mer Sarere is a collection of works, including collages, photographs and poems, that chant an ode to memory. As something intrinsic and ever-lasting, a memory for which no recollection is necessary. These works have purposely been produced in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

The deluxe edition of 180 engraved boxes includes: the publication itself, one unique and original Polaroid taken in Armenia or Georgia in January 2015, four postcards of artworks from the book printed on 300 g/m2 paper, one poster printed on cyclus offset mat 70 g/m2 paper and handful of ground collected beneath Khor Virap facing Mount Ararat in January 2015.

The regular edition of this publication can be purchased here.


Booklet for the Stoke Newington Literary Festival 2013 by Thurston Moore

Produced for the Stoke Newington Literary Festival 2013, the 8-page concertina publication focuses of the radical history of Hackney and collects excerpts from the original Stoke Newington Eight Defence Group booklet (first published in 1972), Communique 5, Communique 8 by the Angry Brigade and a reprint of a small collage featuring the anarchist group’s defendants, tenants and claimants rights activists. Signed and numbered edition of 20.


Brew For a Book Worm by Carl Partridge

Following the success of the book worm greeting card, Carl Partridge produced a piece of ceramics that is essential for any book lover’s kitchen. Each mug is unique with the position of the eyes slightly changing from one piece to another. It comes with an individual polystyrene box.


Intelligence by Thomas A Clark

Intelligence is not a competence but a brightness. This scented candle was produced by Moschatel Press.


People / Things by Mark Pawson & Tatty Devine

Inspired by a vintage shop sign, this reversible necklace is from a series of collaborations between jewellery/accessories designers Tatty Devine and artist Mark Pawson. Made from Perspex, it has raised lettering in bright primary colours on both sides. Every necklace is handmade and unique and comes packaged on a card showing the front door of Tatty Devine’s East London shop. Edition of 36.


Art / Life by Mark Pawson & Tatty Devine

Art / Life reversible handmade Perspex necklace from a series of collaborations between jewellery/accessories designers Tatty Devine and artist Mark Pawson. Edition of 36.