Thursday, 25 April, 6.30 – 10.00 pm

Join us at Ti Pi Tin for the launch of COMMON PEOPLE, a new publication from Bronze Age Editions and Museums Press.

Featuring 100 one-sheet zines from 100 artists from around the world, COMMON PEOPLE was produced using black and white laser printing, red, blue and green Risograph and a variety of different paper stocks – all packed into a hand stamped box in a very limited run.

The publication features works from: Will Adler, Rachel Aggs, Nick Ainsworth, Aaron Anderson, Heather Anderson, Billy Anderson Barnes, David Bailey, Justin Bailey, Tine Bek, Linus Bill & Adrien Horni, Eye Bodega, John Bohl, Amelia Bywater, Eric Timothy Carlson, Lewis Chaplin, Milano Chow, Rob Churm, Michael Crowe, Fiona Curran, Jonas Delaborde, Jen Delos Reyes, Grace Denis, Chris Dorland, Jesse Draxler, Malcy Duff, Albert Elm, Phil Elverum, Roope Eronen, Hugh Frost, Zoe Giabouldaki, Sara Glahn, Laetitia Glenton, Sayre Gomez, Jason Gowans, Grant Gronewold, Lola Halifa-Legrand, Amy Hancock Martin, Kevin Stanley Harris, Alex Heilbron, Jessica Susan Higgins, Jesse Hlebo, Misha Hollenbach, Dylan Hughes, Alex Humphreys, Craig Jackson, Johanna Jackson, Chris Johanson, Faye Coral Johnson, Lucy Jones, Heather Faye Kahn, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Patrick Kyle, Maggie Lee, Tao Lin, Alex Lukas, Israel Lund, Nick Lynch, Noah Lyon, Neil McGuire, Aaron McLaughlin, Emilia Muller-Ginorio & Julia Scott, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Soner On, Anna Peaker, Olivia Peebles, RL Perry, Megan Plunkett, Louis Porter, Ray Potes, William Powhida, Stephane Prigent, Pure Fun Skate Zine, Ted Pushinsky, Mike Redmond, Owen Richards, Brian Roettinger, Em Rooney, David Rule, Leon Sadler, Jamie Shaw, Mark Simmonds, Jesse Spears, Edwin Stevens, Jonathan Ryan Storm, Lloyd Stubber, Sumi Ink Club, Peter Sutherland, Ethan Swan, Panayiotis Terzis, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Jenna Thornhill DeWitt, Ben Charles Trogdon, Eric Veit, James Walkerdine, Matthew Walkerdine, Fritz Welch, Jessica Williams, Grant Willing, Kurtis Wilson and Daisuke Yokota.