Ti Pi Tin will be taking part in this year’s Stoke Newington Literary Festival. Join us on Saturday, 8 June at 2.00 pm for a panel talk with people who fuse literature with other forms of art. And, after performing their show at White Rabbit at 4.00 pm, many of the New Libertines will be hightailing it straight across town to give impromptu readings, booksignings, and poetic performance here at 5.30 pm, and may well pick up several of Stoke Newington’s other poets along the way.

Pushing Envelopes and Breaking Boxes
Multimedia and Interdisciplinarity in Self-Publishing

A look at the ways in which writers, artists, photographers, and musicians are working together to use self-publishing to blur the lines between their disciplines and create exciting new experiences for their audiences as well as tapping into the long tradition of handmade pamphlets. Proof that self-publishing is about so much more than selling ebooks on Amazon.

Andy Harrod – Andy’s Living Room Stories was composed as a response to musician Olafur Arnalds’ album Living Room Songs. It consists of vignettes that blend flash fiction, photography, and collage to layer experiences onto each other and is presented as a series of singles.

Dan Holloway is a writer whose biggest influence is conceptual and confessional art. His latest novel, Evie and Guy, is written wholly in numbers and fuses the influences of Tracey Emin and the French feminist reaction to psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. He is also a long-term collaborator with Canadian photographer Veronika von Volkova and New York based artist and model Katelan Foisy with whom he has created both physical books and multimedia events.

Anna Percy runs Manchester’s Stirred Poetry collective, which offers a space for women’s poetic voices. She is the author of several beautifully produced poetry pamphlets and works closely with illustrators to create an integrated experience for readers.

Rohan Quine is a digital self-publisher whose project The Imagination Thief fuses the many opportunities working online presents to create an immersive experience for his audience by slicing up and laying out his story in words, images and sounds to present them as a work of cubist literature.

Marc Nash is an experimental novelist and flash fiction writer who unravels not just the meaning but the physical structure of language, breaking down first sentences, then words, then, using kinetic videos, the typography of letters themselves

Roz Morris is a highly successful ghostwriter and writing coach, but she is also a writer of literary fiction and runs the blog The Undercover Soundtrack which provides authors with a unique space in which to explore and express the connection between literature and music.