Shoppinghour Magazine Issue 10 Feast of Listen
(London Launch)
Thursday, 9 May, 7.30 pm

New size (31 x 23 cm), fresh design, 112 pages long! Shoppinghour Magazine is reborn! Their 10th issue challenges the act of listening and the entity of sound. Join us at Ti Pi Tin next Thursday to celebrate the launch and to grab yourself a copy and drinks, heartfelt conversation and lots of hugs.

Contributors: Alexander Goodson, Amy Pettifer, AND-OR , Audun Mortensen, Brian Roettinger, Chandler McWilliams, Dave Okumu, Gee Vaucher, Hayden White, Human Fiction Tartini, Isabella Martin, Jacek Plewicki, Joe Banks, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lefty Le Mur, Mandy Kahn, Martyna Dakowicz, Michal Kosakowski, Mikhail Karikis, MikoĊ‚aj Tkacz, Minjeong An, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Niall Macdonald, Nico Krijno, Penny Rimbaud, Sam Beste, Sara C Motta.

Pictures by Peter Eramian and the Shoppinghour crew. Isn’t Ti Pi Tin looking lovely in black and white?