10 Fugle by Lisbeth Bank

Published by Space Poetry (2012)
64 Pages, 17 x 12 cm, Hardcover, Edition of 500

Although, the structure of the book is that of the typical field guide: an illustration accompanied by text, it is not close perception of the actual bird artist Lisbeth Bank desires to convey here. Ten different varieties of birds in the book are stylised and presented in an array of colored drawings and collages, which instead of making identification of species as effortless as possible do the opposite. The birds are surrounded by images of the artist’s associations; ideas that are easily assimilated and a manner of seeing that will prove a valuable aid to the observer determined to get to know these birds. Ten poetic essays (in English and Danish) at the end of the book do not solely refer to the bird specified in the title, but also relate to the illustrations.