AfterCarl by Andrew Lacon, Cathy Wade & Andre de Jong

Published by Ech-O-Cham-Ber (2015)
12 Pages, 20.5 x 26.5 cm, Paperback

In 1972 the Tate bought Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII, six years after it was first exhibited. The set bought by the Tate however was not one of the original sets exhibited. Having only sold one set at the exhibition Andre returned the unsold bricks to the brickworks for a refund. When he was approached six years later by the Tate Andre was unable to source the same bricks again due the brickwork’s closure. Instead of supplying the original ‘bluish white’ bricks he supplied a substitute ‘yellowy-brown’ set.

In October 2014 Ech-O-Cham-Ber members Cathy Wade, Andrew Lacon, Andre de Jong traveled to New York to research, make and exhibit a new body of work that took, as its starting point, Andre’s ersatz bricks and missing brickworks. Generated from archival and site research in the UK and the USA, the work manifested as an exhibition in New York which continued as a new body of work in London.