Belvedere by David Hartt

Published by Dominica & New Documents (2013)
30 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500
ISBN: 978-0983108016

Belvedere is a continuation of David Hartt’s investigation of vernacular utopias-those places where the ideal has been forced to morph and adjust to the reality of the surrounding imperfect world. The book collects a suite of formally austere photographs taken at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan. Hartt’s subjects cover a broad ideological spectrum that highlight the range and potential of the American experience. The work in Belvedere focuses on the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, originators of the Overton window, a policy framing device used to adjust public opinion on a particular subject by positing radical viewpoints and thereby shifting the frame of reference closer to an intended outcome. Featuring an essay by architect Markus Miessen.