Black & BLUE #4 Revolution

Published by Black & BLUE (2014)
120 Pages, 21 x 14.5 cm, Paperback

Revolution is Black & BLUE’s 4th publication and a new anthology of revolutionary creative literature in seven parts; a celebration of contemporary creative writing, a call for social change. The large group of writers, musicians, editors and readers from around the world, who sourced, read, discussed and selected the work for this poetic manual on revolution includes: Ben Racle, Molly Nilsson, Louis Jenkins, Shana Vijayan, Brian Patten, Martha Craig, Lewis Lazar, Miriam Tobin, Rikin Parekh, Suzannah Stark, Tom Briars, George Rayner-Law, Edwin Dorley, Kerry O’Connor, Lara Popovic, Robert Montgomery, Beckie Stewart, Sam Mutter, Farhan Mitha, Sam Frankl, Dane Weatherman, Simone Barnes, Harriet Hill-Payne, Talitha Colchester, Frides O’Neill, Lillian Wilkie, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Stephen Emmerson, Sarah Chapman, Rosie Knight, Wesley Rykalski, Alice Popplewell, Becca Thomas, Sophie Slater, Anna Pickles Harvey, Peter Masheter and Julius Kalamarz.