Blindness (Pictures for another untold story) by Ola Rindal

Published by Cornerkiosk Press (2013)
32 Pages, 20 x 29 cm, Paperback, 4 Colour Offset, Saddle Stitched, Edition of 400
ISBN: 9788299864022

Blindness (Pictures for another untold story) follows up Ola Rindal’s previous book titled Invisible (Pictures for an untold story) from 2012. It is, as it’s forerunner, the product of Rindal’s experiments with film, texture, exposure and light. The obvious playfulness in the technique Rindal has chosen for his particular subjects points to a school of photography, where the end result is about exploring a glance, and pushing the boundaries of its terms. Rindal explores the fugitive, the mysterious and invisible in his imagery. Blindness brings the viewer further in to Rindal’s world of imagery and is complied of recent images from France and Norway.