Bon Voyage by Joëlle Allet

Published by Kodoji Press (2010)
80 Pages (+3D Glases) 17.5 x 25.5 cm, Paperback

Joëlle Allet’s first solo exhibition took place in the Musée d’Art du Valais (Museum of Arts) in Sion, Switzerland. Instead of publishing a typical catalogue to accompany the show, she created a virtual 3D journey book, taking the reader through the museum with renderings of objects that were finished on the night of the exhibition opening. Her interventions are shown as a collage between photos and 3D renderings, using the stereoscopy technique to produce monochrome anaglyphs. These were composed and arranged with special software in close collaboration with the Swiss Society for Stereoscopy. Also included are texts from Giovanni Carmine and Heike Bippus.