Death on the Run by Luisa L. Corna & John Cunningham (Eds.)

Published by Archive Books (2016)
80 Pages, 16 x 24 cm, Paperback

Death on the Run compiles essays that examine the intersection of cinema and politics in Spaghetti and other Westerns. In doing so, this popular genre cinema becomes a resource that reveals a constellation composed of questions around political violence, nihilism, gender, Leftist politics and aesthetics that continue to inform the present. In Death on the Run the desperate vitality of resistance and revolt is always in a tense stand off with the cynical despair of no exit.

The Sasha Editions series intends to critically analyse contemporary culture in terms of how cinema, art and literature might express – or not express – the horrors and possibilities of the present. While related in terms of general critical approach and design, each publication will have an individual title and present an examination of a particular theme.