Don’t Smile Now… Save it for Later by Thijs groot Wassink

Published by WassinkLundgren & Archive of Modern Conflict (2008)
56 Pages, 17 x 21.5 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500
ISBN: 978-0-9547091-3-6

Don’t Smile Now… Save it for Later shows the views from several London photo booths. By using a mirror, keeping the curtain open and paying the necessary £4, the booth takes a Polaroid of its own surroundings.

The result is a strange and surprising collection of photographs, in which the machine dictates both subject and timing. Placed in urban locations of high footfall such as train stations, supermarkets, fun halls and post offices where holding up a camera is usually not allowed, the project subverts this notion and offers us a playful mirrored view on London. Putting the world in focus as the photo booth’s official website describes it.