Exclusion / Inclusion by Ewa Priester

Published by Vibrant Editora (2015)
152 Pages, 21 x 14 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500

Fear and insecurity have the ability to shape a city. Not only changing its architecture but also it’s inhabitants awareness. Elements whose main function is intended to protect individuals, end up contributing to paranoia, building a picture of danger. Added to a collection of traumatic reports of experiences lived by themselves or by others, it creates a profile that directly influences how the individual perceive and reacts to the urban environment. What kind of place, person, vehicle or circumstance offer a risk? The same wall that should protect the owners of a certain property represents, however, a risk for pedestrians on it’s other side. When one imagines a safe city, he does not picture walls in it. Exclusion / Inclusion combines photographs and short thoughts of different writers that works out the physical and psychological concept of limit, how the individual deals with the issue of fear and how it influences the reading of a city.