Futureways by Rita McBride & Glen Rubsamen (Eds.)

Published by Printed Matter (2004)
200 Pages, 18 x 11 cm, Paperback

Futureways is the story of an art exhibition in the year 2304, a biennial of a future world. Simultaneously a collaborative novel, an exhibition, and a catalogue, this book, conceived by Rita McBride, incorporates the tools and conventions of the science fiction genre, with stories about space travel, time travel, alien contact, robots, and ideas of future utopias and dystopias, as well as hundreds of other subjects – including shipping and sex! Contributions from Laura Cottingham, Nick Crowe, Aline Duriaud, Nico Israel, Matthew Licht, Peter Maass, Rita McBride, Alexandre Melo, Glen Rubsamen, David Schafer, Rutger Wolfson, Leonard Nimoy, Joseph Beuys, and Michael Sandler.