Garageland #18 Sex

Published by Transition Editions (2015)
76 Pages, 20 x 26 cm, Paperback

On his 1991 single, People are Still Having Sex, LaTour featured a monologue expounding on the fact that ‘people everywhere are still having sex no mater how authority figures such as parents and counsellors try, and despite the risk posed by AIDS nothing seems to stop them’ and as this issue of Garageland testifies neither do they stop writing about it. Freud of course hovers over Garageland: Sex like a spectral great grandfather; it seems he is still the go to guy for sexpertism even if it is only to debunk and question his all too phallocentric theories. Maybe sex in the late 21st century is a far more polymorphous affair than it was back in granddaddy’s day – or should that be pornomorphus?