Gracias por la música by Joaquin Ganez & Xavier Carbonell

Published by Belleza Infinita (2009)
264 Pages, 17 x 22 cm, Paperback, Second Edition
ISBN: 978-84-935087-8-4

Gracias por la música (Thank You For The Music) is a compilation of documents produced by people who at some point decided to create their own sleeve inserts for their copied CDs and cassette tapes. These do-it-yourself graphics allow the designer to reconstruct or reinvent in accordance to their own particular imagination. This book brings together more than seven hundred album covers produced by a wide variety of people. During the search and selection process importance was not so much given to time or geographical limitations or to musical gender, but rather to graphic interest and diversity. The material has been ordered according to styles and graphic techniques, attitudes and moods, into chapters bearing the titles of well-known songs.