Holes and Halos by Paul Schiek

Published by TBW Books & Stephen Wirtz Gallery (2008)
12 Pages, 26.5 x 36 cm, Paperback, Edition of 2,000

Holes and Halos reflects a view of the world in which nature, godlike, is as essential to us as it is dismissive of us. The images possess the immediacy of snapshots, yet are deliberately devoid of the accidental. Composed as metaphors, they are imbued with the Sisyphean insistence of a believer bent but not broken by an indomitable world. In this world, trees, grass, rocks, mist, the ocean and the unfathomable deepness of the night sky simultaneously, seemingly paradoxically, comfort and unsettle. And in it, we are reminded that we rise as temporally and transiently as trees, before falling again and becoming a small, permanent part of an infinite eternal.