How it is… by Nicolas Burrows

Published by Hato Press (2015)
36 Pages, 27× 17 cm, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-910239-14-8

Nicolas Burrows’ new children’s book How It Is… plays with concepts of sound and colour. It is a visual sequence that uses bold, block images and playful language to reinterpret the world around us. Nicolas’s unique imagining of the natural environment lends fresh perspective on how we can see, hear, touch and experience the everyday.

Nicolas Burrows is an artist, illustrator and musician from Lancashire, currently living and working in London. His visual practice is concerned with formal aspects of harmony, improvisation, composition and colour. Works are largely collage-based, incorporating printmaking, drawing and assemblage. Nicolas is also a member of Nous Vous, a group of artists & friends collaborating since 2007 across illustration, print design, animation, art direction & publishing.