In Loving Memory of Work by Craig Oldham

Published by Unified Theory of Everything (2016)
176 Pages, 30 x 23 cm,Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9571342-9-4

A visual record of the UK Miners’ strike 1984-1985. Curated by Craig Oldham and foreword by Ken Loach, the miners’ strike was a national incident, one that gathered international interest due to its wide and deepening social and political effects on the UK economy and society. Consequently, the topic of the strike appeared in almost every sector, and was reported in almost every media. Here Craig Oldman pays homage to the miners’ strike, a narrative that over time has become an integral back-story to Oldman’s own life and the small mining town of Barnsley in which he was born and in which many generations of his family were raised.

“It isn’t simply the stories of my father’s stoicism that have fascinated me, but the subsequent stories of his colleagues, friends and mining communities nationwide. Whether making a placard at home, designing a poster, or speaking at a public event, these people did things that they had never done before. In many cases, things they never thought they could do. More than three decades later, these stories remain as stirring, powerful and inspiring as they ever were. More so however, they remain startlingly relevant. Among the banners, badges, one story emerges above all: the story of a brutal, and ongoing, class-war.”

– Craig Oldham