India Sean Seng
 by Sean & Seng

Self-Published (2015)
25 Pages, 57 x 38 cm, Newsprint, Paperback, Edition of 2,000

Originally intended as downtime from image making, a recharge, India proved too irresistible not to document – it was a trip where nothing was too planned, and happenstance made magic, inspiration was reborn. Away from the cliches of saris and elephants, this is a record of what Sean & Seng
 found, whilst travelling in India in 2014. A country that has a life force to knock you down, where modernity and tradition meld as one, where practicality and a cinematic flair come together in the street style, observed in everyone from pilgrims to street kids and nomads. This is a set of snapshots, mementos to share. A place where something extraordinary is never further than round a dusty corner, beyond a shadowy street or in the crowded market place.