LE ROY 2: Life and Death by Kelvin Soh (Ed.)

Published by DDMMYY (2015)
160 Pages, 17 x 24 cm, Paperback

Named after the controversial male alter ego of writer Laura Albert, LE ROY is a magazine set up to explore the theme of ‘subjectivity and self design’ with the intention of occupying a space somewhere between a journal, zine and curated group exhibition. LE ROY returns to age old questions about selfhood, encouraged by the visible symptoms of a new kind of ontological anxiety triggered by our globalised and increasingly digitised lifestyles. Through the unique perspectives of contributors from different fields, LE ROY creates a platform for an ongoing conversation on the production of subjectivity and where our notion of self might be negotiated: in our thoughts, our physical body, our soul, where and how we live, what we do, our likes and preferences, what we consume, what we wear or how we smell.