Modoru Okinawa by Keizo Kitajiwa

Published by Gomma Books (2015)
136 Pages, 17.5 x 24 cm, Hardcover, Edition of 1,000

In the late 70s and 80s Keizo Kitajima regularly visited and photographed bars, streets and brothels of the red light district of Koza, a city in Okinawa Prefecture of Japan. Koza city is where the Kadena U.S. Air Force base is located; indeed, the B-52s that attacked North Vietnam took off from there. With the end of the Vietnam War the city turned into the epicenter of a celebrative rush, a cacophonic spell where Japanese culture collided and became intimate with African-American trends. During those years Kitajiwa realised that the photographic exploration of reality is everything but small talk or commentary: it is an observation detached from any sentimentalism, a way to go further than what meets the eye and to document what is beyond the simple appearance.