Published by Kai von Rabenau (2011)
30 pages, 15 x 20 cm, Paperback

Chris Ware draws comics – but not the kind of comics you know. Chris Ware’s comics are about sad children, lonely outcasts and depressed superheroes. In meticulously and painstakingly detailed artwork, they draw the world as a dark and lonely place in suitably muted shades. It is a world of defects and deficits, of social isolation, emotional pain and personal failure in modern life. And yet, they are so utterly intriguing and hopelessly charming that one can’t help but feel something akin to true joy when reading Chris Ware. He talked with mono.kultur about writing versus storytelling, the death of irony and our collective refusal to grow up. This issue comes with a beautiful concertina for an overview of Chris Ware’s artwork, folding and unfolding in ever so many ways.