Moscow Spring Fever by Robert Hamacher

Published by Spector Books (2015)
132 Pages,19 x 30 cm, Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-95905-062-3

Moscow, Spring 2014. Robert Hamacher spends two months touring the Russian metropolis. On his wanderings through the city, he photographs twelve-lane highways, public water fountains, gilded church domes, and a series of young people in their own flats. Some of them work as models; others are curators or artists. They tell stories of their daily life in Moscow, a city that does not care for those in need and where it is hard to lead a good and healthy life. The thoughts of this collection of young people circle around the questions of how to pursue a career and how to achieve an up-market lifestyle. Hamacher’s portraits show young women and men drinking tea, smoking, or posing with their smartphones – a picture of youth in search of a carefree life. The war in Ukraine seems a long way away here.