Museum Studies #1 by Justyna Wierzchowiecka

Published by Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych (2016)
76 Pages, 20.5 x 30 cm, Paperback, Edition of 300
ISBN: 978-83-62978-30-4

In the Museum Studies project Justyna Wierzchowiecka does an original spot-check of issues revolving around the present status of the museum institution and the museum exhibition. Her photographs cast doubt upon the worth of physical, institutional collections in times when the accessibility and advancement of audiovisual online archives and their growing popularity cause us to wonder if the need for physical contact with the objects themselves might gradually vanish.

Wierzchowiecka photographs museum interiors, works, and exhibitions, and the public and staff of institutions, museum bookshops, and gadget stores; she also delves into archival materials. Her technique involves the appropriation, or – to use a term closer to the artist’s intent – the free manipulation of images ‘out there’, in visual circulation. She subjects them to advanced digital processing, changing shapes and colour and shading relationships. She consciously introduces relativity, supplying a pretext for free visual experimentation and formal exploration.