Neru Phuyt Issue 1

Published by Neru Phuyt (2014)
128 Pages, 20 x 28.5 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500

Neru Phuyt is a new magazine dedicated to using contributions from artists and writers in an attempt to establish connections between ancient and contemporary modes of behaviour. Through the cultivation of drawing and writing, the impetus of the project is to explore the customs and ceremonies involved in the prosaic acts of daily life, identifying the rituals and catalysts that surround indicative experiences and artistic production. Creating a chronicle of entropic vernaculars, gathered together to reveal a kind of residue of the native culture they were born from, the magazine is preoccupied with a personal archaeology, far from any mechanistic and empirical means of witnessing.

The theme of the first issue centers on the magazine’s name, Neru Phuyt, meaning Shepherd of the Royal Anusin ancient Egyptian. A title held by the Pharaoh’s court physician who exclusively dealt with all enema related matters. The space between the pages becomes a place where the savage and the civilized meet. A form of ‘antimony’ for makers who are occupied with salvaging, recycling and regurgitating image and narrative, preferring to adopt the effects of faith and imagination in place of reality.