No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America 1960-1980 by Betty Bright

Published by Granary Books (2005)
320 Pages, 25.5 x 18 cm, Paperback, Edition of 2,000
ISBN: 978-1-887123-71-6

No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America 1960–1980 is the first history to trace the emergence of the artist’s book in the U.S. during the 1960s and 70s. This history takes an inclusive view of the varied field of book art and redresses the sporadic or confused acknowledgment from the art world that has long marginalized the artist’s book. The book identifies European precursors of these kinds of artists’ books, then quickly moves to America with the development of artists and books and non-profit organizations.

No Longer Innocent also addresses the ways book art affected and responded to art movements, such as Pop, Fluxus and Conceptualism. The book’s inclusive approach suggests that it will appeal to a broad audience, from collectors of fine press books and deluxe books, to artists making multiple and sculptural bookworks, to cultural historians, librarians and booklovers interested in the phenomenon of the persistence of the book metaphor. Teachers in higher education with a broad view of the field’s beginnings will find this book useful for classes in American studies and art history, as well as studio arts classes in printmaking, photography and sculpture.