NOTES FROM THE FOUNDRY by Melissa Catanese & Ed Panar (Ed.)

Published by Spaces Corners (2013)
80 Pages, 21.5 x 18 cm, Paperback

Selections of images from Gregory Halpern, Darin Mickey, Corine Vermuelen, Andrew Borowiec, David La Spina, Suzanna Zak, Daniel Shea, Susan Lipper, Andrew Moore, John Lehr, Nicholas Gottlund, Jacob Koestler, Ross Mantle, Zoe Strauss, Sean Stewart and Todd Hido, all of whom have been working in The Foundry, a region that stretches from Illinois to Brooklyn, southern Ontario to northern West Vigiina, presenting a contemporary portrait of North America’s historic industrial heartland. Edited by Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar.