On a Good Day by Al Vandenberg

Published by Stanley / Barker (2016)
52 Pages, 18 x 28 cm, Hardcover, Edition of 1,000

Perhaps best known as a collaborator on the legendary Beatles album cover for Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Al Vandenburg’s first monograph On a Good Day brings together his London street portraits from the 1970 – 80’s capturing the decades the style, mood and tone.

In his afterward for the book Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of the V&A, notes that “Vandenberg sees all this with a sincere and perceptive eye and a sensitive understanding of character, regardless of social standing and cultural background… Every picture in this book is imbued with a positive, uplifting intention. He was gifted with somehow being able to strike a rapport with, and feel empathy for, his subjects almost instantly.”