PERSON/A by Elizabeth Ellen

Published by Short Flight / Long Drive (2017)
616 Pages, 20 x 12 cm, Paperback

A novel/’autofiction’ about the complexities of being a woman, an artist, a mother, and a wife; a novel about persona and obsession and loyalty and repression; an exorcism.

Told in four volumes over seven years, with emails, g-chats, and an ‘interview’ with Lydia Davis (and a nod to Ms. Davis’s The End of the Story), the style of Person/a is often experimental, pushing the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, obsession and mental instability, female independence and a loyalty to current and former lovers, but with the ultimate loyalty being to oneself or one’s writing, and is there a difference? and should we be ashamed?

“The entirety of my life has been built upon books and movies and personas of women who go mad with love. Who must be hospitalized with their madness. Who walk the streets of cities in search of their lovers, in their madness. Truly I couldn’t even manage that.”

– Elizabeth Ellen