Pitches/Turfs/Arenas/Fields by Richard Kostelanetz

Published by Archae Editions (2012)
134 Pages, 28 x 21.5 cm, Paperback

This is the fourth and final collection of Geometries, as Kostelanetz came to call the poems with only four, eight, or sixteen words, placed in the corner of a rectangle or rectangles within rectangles. Mostly written in the late 1970s, they appeared in the chapbook Turfs/Arenas/Fields/Pitches (High Koo, 1980), the fuller book Arenas/Fields/Turfs/Pitches (BNkMk, 1982), and then Pitches/Turfs/Arenas/Fields (Runaway Spoon, 1990). This volume completes part of a continuing record of poetic inventions.