Rod Bianco Super Normal by Bjarne Melgaard

Published by Karma & de Appel (2010)
238 Pages, 23 x 31 cm, Hardcover

This book accompanies the summer 2010 exhibition by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard at de Appel art centre, Amsterdam. Amongst Melgaard’s fascinations are provocative and violent subcultures, deceit, and fictional narratives and personas. Neither an alter-ego nor avatar, Rod Bianco is Melgaard’s latest fictional projection. Super Normal is a confrontational celebration of Bianco’s life, travels, outpourings and memories, collated and presented by Melgaard and other artists. Photography, diaries, found images, a novel, and a new series of photorealistic paintings, are juxtaposed with Melgaard’s vigorous, expressionistic drawings and iconography, accompanied by an essay by Ann Demeester.