Selected Writings by Mirtha Dermisach

Published by Siglio Press & Ugly Duckling Presse
128 Pages, 17 x 22 cm, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-938221-17-0

Argentinian artist Mirtha Dermisache wrote dozens of books, hundreds of letters and postcards, and countless texts. Not a single one was legible, yet, in their promixity to language, they all resonate with a mysterious potential for meaning. Using ink on paper, Dermisache invented an array of graphic languages, each with its own unique lexical and syntactic structure, laden with poetic and sometimes visceral suggestion. Some writings feel like nets or knots or or transcriptions of seismic waves; some are scrawled with seeming abandon while others are meticulously inked in a refined, almost musical script.

Selected Writings includes sixteen texts and two complete books from the early 1970s, a particularly rich period for the artist. Dermisache intended her writings to be published, disseminated and read, rather than exhibited as singular works of art. Prioritizing the intimate relationship between reader and text, she published her work in variety of editions during her lifetime, including tabloid-sized newspapers and as (textual) contributions to journals. In keeping with Dermisache’s intentions, Selected Writings is a beautiful object, designed to have a distinct kinship to a book of poetry and to allow the work to speak for itself.