SORT 2 by Joseph Delaney & Matt King

Self-Published (2015)
56 Pages, 14.5 x 21 cm, Paperback, Edition of 100

“The project comprises of various different media–from zines and fashion imagery to concrete objects and music. We’ve made a few zines previously on more specific subject matter but this is more of an introduction of our collective interests, a kind of visual (and briefly textual) manifesto for a wider ongoing project. It’s approached in the way we’d approach a fashion editorial, simply because this is the visual language we’re familiar with, but this was our opportunity to present it in the way we want it to be seen.

The empty pursuit of beauty refers to the collective idea of that beauty and perfection (in the conventional sense) are something to be aspired to. There’s the feeling in the collective consciousness that this is changing, yet we’re still bombarded with an endless feed of a certain image of what we could and should be; everything from preened bloggers or impossibly toned porn stars. There are of course a wide range of narratives disputing this and offering up alternative points of view–this is ours, that there’s beauty in something ugly or grotesque.”

– Joseph Delaney & Matt King