Starship 13

Published by Starship (2015)
136 Pages, 20.5 x 26.5, Paperback

Building on 16 years of experience in publishing, Starship still provides unexpected turns and novelties. Issue no. 13 is the second under new editorship as well as in its more regular format of publishing twice yearly. Starship is a magazine that wants to exhibit artistic production rather than talk or write about artists and exhibitions. We want to present works and/or texts that emerge while thinking and producing. Starship is what lies in the German word Zeitschrift, wherein the word Zeit (time) emphasizes publishing that speaks out of, and about, the time in which it is made.

Something like a theme has always evolved through conversations with friends and people we admire, and those we invite to contribute; not so much with the aim of creating an audience, but to create a relation between the contributions and contributors in the issue. This means Starship is multivocal, and the direction the texts and pictures takes has no clear, predefined conception invoked by the editors toward their readers.

For this issue it turned out to be alcohol, sex, feminism, and money.