STURM by Erik Steinbrecher

Published by Kodoji Press (2010)
32 Pages, 25.5 x 19.5 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500

STURM reveals the spontaneous one-day-mission of Berlin-based photographer Erik Steinbrecher: to ‘sightsee’ the lake of Zurich. Like Ernest Hemingway’s Man and the Sea waiting for the big fish to appear, Steinbrecher, on a steamboat for hours, was hoping for wind that would set the water in motion so he could catch the emerging movements with his camera. But the lake was calm that day. A bottle of K’PTEN’S WY helped the artist to pass the hours and eventually find a solution to this unfavorable situation. The same evening, Steinbrecher returned to Berlin, content with the result, and a little drunk, too. The photographs of this adventure are assembled in a booklet and appear as frames of a film, hence creating an emulation of Steinbrecher’s experience on the lake this very day.