The Big Book by Alison Knowles

Published by Passenger Books (2013)
32 Pages, 21 x 26 cm, Hardcover

The publication is a document and re-visitation of The Big Book project made in 1967 by Alison Knowles, wich was an eight-foot tall walk-in book comprised of a title page and eight moveable pages anchored to a metal spin. Each page had an access point to the next page, opening up different spaces between the pages in which the readers could spend some time. The book contained a stove, a telephone, a bed, a chemical toilet, a library, a guest book, a gallery with art works by artist friends, a lush meadow, a ventilator and other utensils in the spaces between the pages. The book was constructed in such a way that it could be packed into two crates for shipping purposes. Following this first exhibition, between 1967 and 1969, the book travelled to various venues in Europe, Canada and the United States and in the course of these travels, the book gradually disintegrated into its individual components so that by the time it reached the final venue in San Diego, California, only a few pages remained.