The Company She Keeps by Céline Condorelli

Published by Book Works (2014)
120 Pages, 14.5 x 22 cm, Paperback, Edition of 1,000

Conversations weave through the work of Céline Condorelli, whether in the sculptural structures of her artwork, through the writing and discourse that is embedded in her work, or in the practice of support that frames her activities. Here, five conversations with friends explore working together, the politics of the company one chooses to keep, and friendship between both people and with ideas. Condorelli’s starting point is a conversation with philosopher Johan Frederik Hartle, raising questions of why the philosophical discourse on friendship is exclusively by, and only about, men? Following this, the three part conversation with sociologist Avery F. Gordon explores the possibilities opened up by this exclusion, lead by slaves, migrants, women and pirates, to what it means to make common cause and live ‘as if free to determine one’s own terms of living’. The final conversation with Polly Staple and Nick Aikens, the curators of her exhibitions Céline Condorelli (Chisenhale Gallery, London) and Positions (Van Abbemuseum), addresses the practice of friendship and support embedded in Condorelli’s work as an artist and how exhibition making can be understood in relation to the question of how to work together. Running alongside each conversation is a series of images reproduced from The Company We Keep.