The Deconstruction of My Suntopia by Katsunobu Yaguchi

Published by Keiko Ogane (2015)
296 Pages, 16 x 26 cm, Paperback, Edition of 500

This book series brings documentation of the numerous activities carried out by Katsunobu Yaguchi over the past seven years at Cafe Snack Washingtown (2008-2013) and The Site of Washingtown (2013-2015).

In the autumn of 2008, Katsunobu Yaguchi encountered an empty house when strolling around the town of Mito. Hearing that it may be demolished soon, he decided to reinstall water and electricity to the ground floor of the house to celebrate the time that was still left to it. He named the place Café Snack Washingtown and embarked on his new calling. Although the atmosphere of the house was obviously shadowy, curious eccentrics stopped by cautiously and the house awoke from its deep sleep. This caused a small neighborhood movement to arise around the house. Consequently, the original demolition was postponed for another five years.

In 2013, The Washingtown finally faced its demolition at the hands of Yaguchi himself.