The Editorial Magazine Issue 13

Published by The Editorial Magazine (2015)
88 Pages, 28 x 23 cm, Paperback

The Editorial Magazine is an independently run quarterly publication of art and fashion from Montreal, Canada. The 13th issue includes an original poster insert by Clay Hickson and features works by Georgina Gratrix, Logan Jackson, Marcus Cuffie, Kyung-Me, Ben Mendelewicz, Aaron Wynia, Bobby Bowen, Prince Innocence, Maya Fuhr, Claire Bargout, Andrea Lukic, Danny Fox, Jim Turnbull Walter, Lu Philippe Guilmette, 1080p Collection, Evan Mason, Scott Parsons, Graham Little, Marcel Castenmiller, Darby Milbrath, Richmond Lam, Masha Mel, Yana Surodina, Raquel Nave, Whitney Mallett, Mild High Club, Joe McMurray, Coey Kerr, Rebecca Storm, Hari Nef, Olivia Whittick, Claire Milbrath, Toshio Mogi, Monika Mogi, Mel Paget and more.