The Goddess of War by Lauren Weinstein

Published by PictureBox (2008)
32 Pages, 25.5 x 38 cm, Paperback

This follow-up to Lauren Weinstein’s critically acclaimed and best-selling graphic novel, Girl Stories, traces the life of a celebrated Valkyrie, great-granddaughter of Thor, from her earliest days to her present position as Goddess of War – bored, finally, of determining the outcome of all the Earth’s conflicts. Produced in a deluxe, oversized format and featuring both pen-and-ink drawings and etchings, this story is actually Volume One of the continuing adventures of Valkyrie, and it follows the Goddess, who is based on the character that Weinstein plays in her rock band, Flaming Fire, from her isolated planet of vampires, wolves and volcanoes, all the way to our Earth, where she abandons her post and takes up with her lover, the Apache Chief. Vengeance ensues.