The Lost Cent by Serge Onnen

Published by Onomatopee (2013)
384 Pages, 14 x 20 cm, Paperback, Edition of 750

This graphic novel relates a day in the life of a lucky penny. Celebrated Franco-Dutch illustrator Serge Onnen conceived of this project as a commentary on the transitory nature of value. “All things of value are defenseless,” reads Lucebert’s famous poem. That line, immortalized in a public neon sculpture in Rotterdam, formed Onnen’s inspiration. But what if a defenseless being is worthless, he asks? With less face value than its production cost, it could be the perfect object to raise questions about value. A homeless coin becomes problematic and unwanted, traveling through a series of rust-hued ink drawings, echoing the missing hole in the center of each page where the missing coin should be. Featuring texts from Olav Velthuis and Charles Baudelaire.