The Park 1971 – 73 by Kohei Yoshiyuki

Published by Osiris (2011)
14 Pages, 42 x 30 pages, Unbound, Paperback

In the 1970s, Kohei Yoshiyuki used an infrared camera, equipped with a filtered flash, to photograph couples having sex and capture the voyeurs watching them in the dark, in the parks of Tokyo. Yoshiyuki’s first solo exhibition abroad The Park was held some thirty years later at the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York, 2007 and the corresponding book Kohei Yoshiyuki: The Park was published by Hatje Cantz/Yossi Milo Gallery in the same year. Since then, Yoshiyuki’s work has attracted worldwide attention, as a social document of the megalopolis of Tokyo, raising questions related to human desire, privacy, voyeurism and ‘to see and be seen’. This tabloid sized book The Park 1971 – 73 was published by Osiris on the occasion of his exhibition in Tokyo, 2011 and includes the fourteen best known images from this amazing series of work.