Things to Say (Victor) by Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich

Published by Nieves (2010)
16 Pages, 19.5 x 25.5 cm, Paperback
ISBN: 9783905714708

Before Viktor there was Hektor, a relatively simple spray-can output device driven by two motors. The drawing machine Viktor is an amalgam of digital and mechanical technologies. A collage of tools, all of which were invented for other general and specific uses. In response to the position of such technologies, Lehni together with Alex Rich started an ongoing e-mail correspondence about various devices, systems and technologies with which their work had a resonance. Lehni and Rich constructed an archive, one that they came to call A Recent History of Writing & Drawing and which inspired their installation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2008). Things to Say (Viktor) is the first in a series of collected drawings produced in collaboration with invited guests to perform with Viktor every Thursday evening at the ICA throughout the duration of the exhibition, curated by Emily King.