This Land – Cowboys and Landscape of the American West by Peter Byrne

Published by Reckless Publications (2017)
112 Pages, 24 x 17 cm, Paperback, Edition of 300

“The landscape of the American West is some of the most spectacular there is, to see this land and witness its magnificence and diversity can be a humbling experience. Ever since settlers migrated to the west, cowboys have raised cattle and worked the land. Over the years the cowboys’ lifestyle has led to the creation of a mythical character, often stereotyped as a romantic hero or a hard drinking & brash troublemaker. I wanted to look at the role of the contemporary cowboy and his relationship with the land, to examine how the land provides a perfect backdrop for individuals at one with nature, and how the peace & tranquillity of the landscape mirrors the temperament of the cowboy.

During the yearlong project I visited 45 different ranches in 12 states. The images enclosed are a selection taken from a final edit of 95 and were taken with a 6×6 film camera.”

– Peter Byrne