Time Capsule. Artistic Report on Catastrophes and Utopia by Chto Delat

Published by Revolver Publishing & Secession (2014)
160 Pages (+ 1 16 Pages Newsprint), 23 x 31 cm, Paperback

Chto Delat is a collective that was founded in Saint Petersburg in 2003 and counts artists, critics, philosophers and writers from Saint Petersburg and Moscow among its members. The collective responded to the urgent need to merge political theory, art and activism. Its activities include art projects, educational seminars and public campaigns; its productions range from video and theatre plays to radio programs and murals. The collective also publishes the Russian-English newspaper Что деать?, which covers questions of culture and politics in an international context.

With the exhibition Time Capsule. Artistic Report on Catastrophes and Utopia at Secession, Vienna, Austria between November 21, 2014 – January 25, 2015, Chto Delat responded to the current situation in Russia, the crisis in Ukraine, and the resulting threat of a new Cold War. Together with the graduates of the School of Engaged Art they established in Saint Petersburg in 2013, the collective has created The Excluded. In a Moment of Danger, a four-channel video installation that run just under an hour in which they reflected on their own sense of exposure and perplexity. The artist’s book Time Capsule. Artistic Report on Catastrophes and Utopia documents the long time cooperation of the collective; it illustrates their oeuvre in the form of a poster timeline and a lexicon and includes issue #38 of the journal Что деать?, which was published in conjunction with the exhibition.