Tiny Pencil 1: The Forest Issue

Published by The Tiny Empire Press (2013)
64 Pages, 21 x 27.5 cm, Paperback

Tiny Pencil’s first anthology showcases exciting and extraordinary works in graphite by today’s most exciting contemporary artists, including Kristyna Baczynski, Rachel M. Bray, Katriona Chapman, Sandra Dieckmann, Lisa Evans, Vanessa Foley, Caitlin Hackett, Alexandra Higlett, Amber Hsu, John Kilburn, Raymond Lemstra, Jon MacNair, Jamie Mills, Luke Pearson, Chris Rixon, Sigrid Rødli, Nick Sheehy, Allison Sommers, Rima Staines, Liam Stevens, Lizzy Stewart, Yoko Tanaka, Jack Teagle, Donya Todd, Sarah Tse, Stuart Whitton and Ward Zwart.