TRICK OR TRAIT by Maartje Folkeringa

Published by Onomatopee (2014)
96 Pages, 17 x 24 cm, Paperback, Edition of 1,000
ISBN: 9789491677212

This first monograph of the work of young Dutch sculptor Maartje Fokeringa proves a lively cut-and-paste sourcebook of the artist’s colorful explorations of popular culture. Her unusual artistic practice is couched in the relationship between our personal belongings and our perception of self in society. She creates large figurative sculptures representing complex characters inspired by people she meets and observes in everyday life. Her overscaled human forms are significant for the accessories that adorn them and the gallery walls. From ornamental figurines to abstracted jewelry to paint-splattered biomorphic forms, Fokeringa is concerned with the use and exchange of objects as forms of nonverbal communication-totems signaling status, class and value.