Us Blah + Me Blah Beta Issue by Tsukasa Tanimoto (Ed.)

Self-Published (2014)
96 Pages, 17 x 24 cm, Paperback, Edition of 22

Us Blah + Me Blah is a platform that aims to share not only stories of people with unique activities and / or life stories but also mini-essays focusing on very specific topics. Before the launch of its online version, which is planned to be released before 2016, it was soft-launched with a (maga)zine, Beta Issue that includes interviews Sarah Midori Perry (from Kero Kero Bonito), Marina Kobayashi, Calum Bowen (“bo en”), Rei Matsushima and Charlie Allen (Young Triforce Cat Baron). The interviews – Us Blah – are complemented with notes – Me Blah – that can range from simple or very detailed explanations to personal comments. Last but not least, it ends with a mini-opinion page comparing secondary education systems in France and UK, redacted by Tsukasa Tanimoto. Each section is transitioned by some artwork drawn / designed by the interviewee (except for Calum Bowen).